This summit aims to establish an in depth state of science on biology, clinical & translational strategies for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors, while offering expansive networking between scientists, clinical oncologists, industry, and advocacy groups to foster highest-priority collaborative projects.


The GISTT summit is less an educational but instead a highly interactive research meeting.  Lively discussions and breakouts will be most effective with a limited number of participants. 


To this end, the summit participation is possible upon (simple) application. The priority is to bring together GIST researchers (clinical, translational, basic). Ideally we would like to know which area of  expertise and interest applicants have. 


For early career applicants we provide travel grants to cover travel and accommodation. 

These applications require an abstract submission for posters. 


Details will follow after registration/application - which is NOW OPEN.



  • KIT and PDGFRA oncogenes
  • Oncogenic progression following KIT/PDGFRA/NF1 mutation – implications for signaling and treatment
  • Pathology – the central steering wheel
  • KIT and PDGFRA small-molecule inhibitors
  • Evolution of TKI resistance – from bed-to-bench and back
  • Surgery for metastatic GIST – no heal without steel?
  • Targets beyond KIT – maximizing therapeutic responses
  • Persistence and plasticity – roadblocks to cures


Full Scientific Programm